Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wibbly wobbly parsnip

I think it was HRH Prince Charles who once said that we should not spurn "wibbly wobbly carrots." He was I believe thinking of the supermarket carrots that must all conform to rigid size and shape criteria, or apparently we, the public, will not buy them.

I may have mentioned that our allotments are very stony. Root crops don't like stony soil - it tends to make them fork!! And how about these for forked and wibbly wobbly parsnips!

The trick of course is to either sift the soil (and I use the stones to make the paths across the plot) or to dig a trench where the root seeds are to be sown and fill it with compost. This I now do and I can now grow super straight parsnips!

I did cook and eat these strange creatures and they tasted jolly good anyway. But I doubt if any one would have bought them in a supermarket somehow!

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