Monday, 31 October 2011

More scarecrows and frost!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post and then couldn't work out how to upload the photos - using a different camera from normal. So here it is but not illustrated I'm afraid.
"One rogue early frost has suddenly changed the entire face of the allotment. Courgettes that were still growing last week are now useless, even where they were protected in the lee of the warm compost. So today I was up there pulling up all the frost-bitten plants and piling them high on the compost heap. How much more can it take? So it was time to empty the other heap onto the now cleared ground. And it’s lovely stuff too!And amazingly, in the midst of that sorry scene, I picked a punnet of luscious alpine strawberries and autumn raspberries!"
And having tidied everything up I then walked around (with my usual camera!!) and took pictures of some fabulous scarecrows on other plots!

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